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Media Services

Public Relations, Advertising & Media Contact
Atkins International, LLC. has extraordinary contacts to assist your firm's growth in the international marketplace. Our firm is recognized worldwide for its quality conference seminar programs. We have the ability to share our contacts on a worldwide basis to enhance your company's image. We review your business public relations and advertising programs. Do you have the right one? Do people know what you stand for? Is your image understood in foreign markets? Rarely does one see themself as others see them. We help you develop and communicate your message.

A case in point: several years ago Atkins International, LLC. reviewed the business handouts of a client. For its European presentation, the firm had mistakenly used a word when translated by the French that was a slur.

We help you meet your business objectives by carefully listening to your ideas and then run with them with the highest quality presentation.

Trade Show & Special Marketing
Atkins International, LLC. lends its considerable expertise in the design and management of trade fair booths at industry fairs worldwide. Atkins International, LLC. has and will continue to design for you a unique trade fair booth, staff it with industry professionals, and also monitor the participation, and most importantly... design the effective follow up mechanism to maximize contacts at the Trade Fairs. Atkins International, LLC. has represented firms such as the Port of Hamburg and the state of Land Brandenburg in Germany which resulted in new clients for these clients.