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Logistics Services

Export Expert Express
Atkins International, LLC.: The Export Expert has developed a very detailed full day Presentation called Export Expert Express advising Companies of the newest rules and regulations on Exporting. An Austin, Texas based Electronics company retained the services of Atkins International, LLC. to explain International Rules and Regulations in relation to the new provisions of the Patriot Act. To learn more of Export Expert Express email us at info@exportexpert.com

Eco Logistics
Atkins International, LLC. is an environmentally friendly company. Our Logistics division can develop logistics packages for your Company to use more efficient transportation systems for supply chain strategies.

A case study: Newman's Own, Westport Connecticut had been shipping truck from Rochester NY origins to various destinations in particular the West Coast. Atkins International LLC brought in the Santa Fe Railway and together they converted over 100 truckloads of freight from Truck to Rail Intermodal (Truck or Container on Rail Flatcar) providing a more environmentally friendly method of shipping and providing Newman's Own a transportation savings of on average 15% of the freight Newman's had been paying.

Send Atkins International, LLC. your Eco Logistics problem and we will provide a solid sensible solution.

A case in point: A well known food company had been shipping from New York State to west coast destinations. Our staff presented the shipper with a video prepared by a western Railroad which indicated rail intermodal was more fuel efficient than a motor carrier. The shipper converted over 100 shipments per year from motor carrier to intermodal. For more information on this area consult this web site.

APEX - Alliances for Performance & Exchange
Atkins International, LLC. has created a program called "APEX"- Alliances for Performances and Exchanges. Atkins International, LLC. developed this program to facilitate meetings and problem solving solutions between major companies.

Two Major Rail Industry Executives: Southern Pacific and Conrail had never met on a one-on-one basis. David Atkins had a good working relationship with both of these Executives and arranged a meeting for the possible sale of a portion of the Southern Pacific to Conrail.

Carrier Evaluation & Selection
Atkins International, LLC. has been recognized for its abilities in carrier selection and evaluation for clients in the United States and Europe. In this regard, Atkins International, LLC. can measure current shipping patterns and provide recommendations on improving use of carriers, both ocean and inland on Supply Chain Management issues.