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The Question and Atkins' Answers page is a forum for questions concerning all aspects of importing and exporting as well as other aspects of the shipping trade. It also serves as a source for important, up to date information for the trade.

To post your question click here. Answers will be posted on this page.

Where are the largest ports in the world?
The five largest ports in the world for Container traffic are all located in Asia: Singapore, followed by Shanghai, Hong Kong, Shenzen, and Pusan (Korea).

We are a small manufacturing company in the US that would like warehousing and distribution in Europe. What recommendations can you make?
Atkins is familiar with a number of such companies and systems throughout Europe. Each company varies in service and capabilities. Depending on your specific needs, Atkins International, LLC. can determine which company will be the best fit for you.

I am interested in expanding my business to South America. Can you help us?
South America presents splendid opportunities for trade which many US companies have decided to take full advantage of. Atkins International, LLC. has played an active role in helping US based companies get a foothold in South America. Once we define your objectives, we can chart a proper course of action.

What are some of the factors that affect carrier pricing?
There are many factors to carrier pricing such as government regulations, ease of entry and carrier competition to name just a few. Knowledge of a carrierÕs capabilities and under what condition to use them is key. Each scenario is different and this is where Atkins' experience can help make a difference. We look at the specifics of your project and can recommend the best route based on budget and/or time frame.

What is Intermodal?
Intermodal involves transportation of freight in an Intermodal Container or vehicles using multiple modes of transportation (rail, ship, truck).

What are some International Terms?
Port to Port means Pricing from Port to Port only. Inland carriage not included.
CIF Means Cost Insurance Freight.
Point to Point means Point of Origin to Point of Destination.
Zip Code Pricing means origin shipments zip or postal code to destination zip or postal code.
Export Declaration is a US Government Form filled out with all relevant Information before ship or Aircargo leaves USA.