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Consulting Services

Port and Airport Analysis

Atkins International, LLC. has performed trade studies for major Ports such as the Port of Montreal. Our survey consisted on assembling data on shipping rates across the Atlantic via the Port of Montreal and comparing those rates to competitor Ports such as Halifax, Canada and Three US Eastern Ports: New York/New Jersey; Norfolk, Virginia, and Charleston, SC. We also compared inland rates via truck versus those that would move shipments via rail Intermodal (Container on Rail Car).

In the area of Airport Analysis, Atkins International, LLC. also performed due diligence on the Youngstown Ohio Airport and and met with Lan Airlines (formerly Lan Chile Airlines) in both Miami, Florida, and Santiago Chile and Lima Peru to create a matrix of service schedules and air cargo rates from South America to Youngstown Ohio for furtherance to the Auto Industry in Michigan. Until our activity there had been no contact with Lan Airlines.

Port and Airport Security

Atkins International, LLC. has met with the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) on a series of meetings to inform the LAPD on the practice of importing and exporting goods thru the West Coast Port of Los Angeles, California.

Atkins International, LLC. has met with Texas based distributor of Electronics to educate that Firm on the requirements a Firm has under the US Patriot Act, and to review all export shipments to insure that the Firm met all export requirements.

Atkins International, LLC. has met with officials of the Dallas Fort Worth Airport to discuss at length requirements for a Duty Free Warehouse at DFW and also a possible stand alone Duty Free Warehouse at a aircraft supply firm off site the Airport.

David Atkins CEO has taught a series of seminars on Port and Airport Security at the US Merchant Marine Academy in Kings Point New York where Mr. Atkins serves as an Ad Hoc Professor of Logistics.

Aircraft Purchase and Leasing

Atkins International, LLC. has experience in finding Airplanes worldwide for clients. A case study: Atkins International, LLC. was tasked to find Four Cargo Airplanes. Working with a Dallas based Airplane firm Atkins International, LLC. found the Aircraft and the Airplanes cleared thru the US State Department for export.

Atkins International, LLC. is working with a small airline for a lease of Four small commuter airplanes for a new service between the USA and the Caribbean.

Atkins International, LLC. has the contacts with a major Aviation Law Firm that will be called upon to review all transactions to insure all applicable rules and regulations are observed.